Game Changers International

Game Changers International

A non for profit organisation creating opportunities for young people in the UK and developing countries.

We create opportunities

We are a UK based non-for-profit organisation that aims to create new opportunities for children and young people who are facing challenging circumstances both in the UK and overseas.

To do this we:

  • We provide personal development and volunteer training opportunities in the UK. Our courses empower young people to develop essential life skills and play proactive roles within their communities.
  • We provide fundraising advice, support and guidance for schools, youth clubs and sporting teams that are based in communities facing social and economic challenges. Through local fund-raising events children and young people are able to access new recreational, travel and volunteering opportunities to support their personal development and experience the world.
  • We provide direct financial support to youth, community and education projects in Cambodia and Gambia. We achieve this through planning, organising and delivering innovative fundraising events in the UK.

Our Work

Think Big. Act Bigger.

Our Causes

From 2022-2025 our focus is on youth projects in Cambodia and Gambia.



THE GAMBIA PROJECT We have been visiting Gambia since 2019 working to support children and young people who have been displaced or orphaned. We are working in partnership with the Islamic Education



Pagna Cambodian Education Fund We have been working in partnership with the Pagna Cambodian Education Fund since 2016. The school offers free English classes to the children of Lvea Village and Kampong

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